Tips for Choosing a Dog Birthday Cake

Updated: Jun 27

Choosing a dog birthday cake to celebrate your fur baby's birthday is a wonderful way to show you care. The United States has over 75 million pet pups according to the AKC (American Kennel Club). A dog birthday cake is a great way to remind your pup how much they are valued. Follow these tips for choosing the perfect dog birthday cake.

Never Feed Your Dog Human Cakes

Never feed your dog a human cake for their birthday. They could wind up very sick. Certain ingredients in a human cake can be life-threatening to your pooch. For example, chocolate can be deadly even in small doses. Make sure you opt for a cake specially made for dogs.

Don't Think Baking a Dog-Friendly Cake Will Be Easy

Some pet owners take the DIY route for their dog's birthday cake. If you are an experienced baker, then it may be an option, but if you are inexperienced, the variables that are involved in baking a doggy cake can be overwhelming. It is best to simply order one if you have any doubts about your baking ability.

Choose the Right Flavor

Some dogs love chicken-flavored everything, while other dogs prefer beef or peanut butter. Choose a cake flavor that your dog will prefer. When you think of a cake, you likely think of a fluffy, sugar-laden treat, which is exactly what a human cake is. However, a dog cake is typically made with flavors more appropriate for canine preferences.

The visual presentation of the treat is more of a human pleasure than a pup pleasure. Your fur baby is all about the flavor, not the presentation. These cakes are usually small in size but come packed with a great deal of flavor. Make sure you give your flavor choices a good deal of consideration.

Pick a Great Shape for Your Cake

You can find dog cakes in the shape of traditional cakes (rounds and squares), dog bones, and many other styles. If you plan on having other pooches attend the party, be sure to account for how many slices of cake you will need before you place your order. Every furry guest will certainly want their share of the cake. Order a cake that is specially designed for your dog and celebrate your pup properly.

If your dog's birthday is coming up, treating them to a dog-friendly birthday cake is a great way to celebrate. If you're looking for an adorable cake your dog is sure to love, The Hungry Hound is here for you. Give us a call today to order a custom dog birthday cake!

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