Talulah: My Life as a Barkery Dog

My humble beginnings start in 2005 in a high kill shelter in South Carolina with 9 brothers and sisters.  Luckily, Husky House stepped in and saved us all from death.  We were transported to New Jersey where I found Penny.  Like some rescue dogs I was a bit of a mess, with bald spots and a huge gash on the top of my head.  I don’t like to talk about it, so please don’t ask me.

There was a line of people eager to adopt me but I moved Penny to the front.  [I could smell the homemade cookies on her.]  I moved in with her and it worked out well – except for those two cats of hers, Tilly and Tessy.  They stayed out of my way but whenever there was a thunder storm, I had to hold Tilly’s paw.  She’s one of THOSE, a real scaredy-cat.  But I digress.

It definitely all worked out well.  I got to go to Penny’s dog bakery, The Hungry Hound.  Imagine that!  A whole bakery just for ME!  I asked her to share her homemade dog treats with the public – they are too good not to share.  Her treats are so good, I made her a partner in the bakery.  I put her in charge of running the place and she’s doing a pretty good job of it.  In my capacity as Official Taste Tester everything got my stamp of approval.

As you may already know, I earned my wings on December 29, 2018, and I went to that famous Rainbow Bridge. I got to see what all the hype is about.  It definitely lives up to its name.  This place is beautiful!  But best of all, at the end of the Bridge waited my guy Boomer.  [And a whole bunch of other animals I didn’t know.  But that’s alright, though, Boomer’s with me.]

I feel really good and healthy now but I have to say I do miss my old friends on Earth – and Penny’s cookies.  I know one day we will all be together again - Penny, Keith, Fritz, and those damn cats of theirs…Maybe they will bring me some cookies?  And FRENCH FRIES?!  Yeah, French Fries!  [Maybe someone can remind them? Thanks!]

I know it was really hard for my friends when I left; it was hard for me, too, but Boomer called me and told me he had my wings.  I had to go.  Trust me, I know I left some BIG pawprints to fill.  So I made arrangements for a special young pup to find Penny.  I think her name is Dolly. 

[Yeah, I did that.]

I hear the kid’s doing well and helping everyone remember to adopt a rescue dog instead of shop for a dog.  I know she’s making people laugh.  I’m keeping an eye on things from here – and I taught her everything she knows.  So she is pretty smart and I guess she’s cute…

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